Plesk: The Must-Have Server Control Panel

Plesk is the web server control panel you’ll ever need to build, secure, and run websites and applications in the Cloud.

What is a Control Panel?

If you manage servers for website deployment, then you’d already know the significance of a simple, yet effective way of monitoring and looking after your infrastructure. Using a web server control panel is a very effective way of managing the processes and mundane tasks of website deployment infrastructure.

Web server control panel allows you to monitor and control your servers virtually from anywhere with an internet connection. So, having a good server control panel is a crucial factor while choosing a Cloud Provider like E2E.

And speaking of control panels, Plesk is a widely-used control panel. It provides an user-friendly interface to handle server-related administration and configuration. Thousands of multi-website owners and resellers trust Plesk for a seamless server management experience.

Understanding Plesk

Launched in 2001, Plesk is a leading web server control panel and is commonly known for its support to both Windows and Linux flavors. Plesk features a highly intuitive and task-oriented interface. Also, it has an extensibility feature that allows administrators to customize the control panel by adding optional features and integrating third-party tools by choosing from more than 100,000 options.

Plesk boasts of some exceptional administrative features such as an auto-update mechanism, a migration manager, an auto-component updater, and a web-based installation facilitating rapid deployment. Plesk is a complete WebOps server control panel, which apart from providing you with the ability to manage multiple servers using a single control panel, will also ensure that your web server is fully secured.

Plesk is available in 32 different languages in over 140 countries and currently assisting more than 380,000 servers in its management and security while also automating administration of over 11 million websites.

Whether you’re a web server provider, reseller, or a web development company, you can leverage Plesk for your web control panel requirements.

E2E Networks, a world-class cloud from India,  launched Plesk integrated cloud servers to assist server providers, web admins, sysadmins, and reseller partners.

When you deploy Plesk integrated cloud servers on E2E Networks, you get:

  • One-Click Launch – With just a click, you can launch a Plesk cloud server that too with Plesk Onyx license included. And you can start deploying and managing your web apps within a few seconds.
  • Automatic Backups – You can easily enable automated continuous data protection (CDP) backups, that continually takes the backups ensuring high reliability.
  • Full Root Access – Only you will have full administrative privileges to your Plesk cloud servers; and, you will have complete control of your Plesk Cloud server.
  • 24×7 Self Service Portal – Using E2E Networks lightning self-service portal you can launch, manage, and terminate Plesk Cloud servers at any time from anywhere.
  • Whether you have one website or thirty, you can Plesk integrated cloud servers on E2E Networks to manage them all from a single place.
  • Multiple Email Accounts – You can create and manage multiple email accounts to suffice different needs; all from you Plesk user interface.
  • Highly Scalable – Easily upgrade to higher machine sizes as your customers buy more and more server space from you.

Hassle Free Server Management with E2E Networks

At E2E Networks, Plesk cloud servers are launched to help administrators cut down their time and effort to deploy and run Plesk web control panel, which would take up valuable time if Plesk installed on a cloud server manually.

Sounds good? Don’t forget to take a look at E2E Networks plans and pricing, which start as low as ₹4 per hour.  To know more click here.