Mumbai Zone Network ‘Slowness’ Issues since 10:00 AM 22 July 2010

There has been some degradation in network performance in our Mumbai Zone, all sites in Mumbai zone are affected right now, the yo-yo alerts from services like pingdom are pointing to some International routes having issues. The ETA provided by the ISP is another 2 hours while they investigate and fix the issues.

Update 11:05 AM: Our ISP has re-routed some paths to not traverse Bharti-Airtel backbone within and outside the country and things are back to normal for E2E Networks Mumbai Zone network for now.
The ISP’s operations would be back to normal by 3:30 PM or so.

Update 1:55 PM: The ISP has updated all operations are back to normal, their upstream Bharti had a media issue which was causing packet losses but not enough for BGP to do an automatic route re-announcement for our prefixes. The upstream has fixed the issue and the ISP operations are running at optimal capacity and performance as of 1 hour back.