Mumbai E2E Networks Zone down 8:50 AM to 9:05 AM 16 Sep 2010

9:00 AM Report:-
Our Mumbai Zone is currently down since 8:50 AM 16 Sep 2010, issue was noticed at 8:52 AM first and the escalation process was started.

This is an un-planned network downtime out of direct control of E2E Networks.

While we strive to inform and update our customers but for un-planned network related downtimes our first focus is to follow up with the ISP(s) to get the issue resolved first.

We’ll keep the blog posted in realtime
9:06 AM Report:-

The Mumbai Zone is back, root cause analysis report expected from the ISP soon.

9:32 AM first report from Mumbai ISP :-
Verbal report received from our ISP
‘Faulty Airtel Backbone emergency maintenance procedures caused the downtime according to our Mumbai ISP. Apparently Airtel kept on announcing the Mumbai ISP routes on BGP even while Mumbai ISP’s router was in-accessible to their border router’