Multicloud is the Way to Go

You would have heard many luminaries, in the cloud computing industry in India and around the world, say that Multicloud is the future. After doing your research, if you’re still not sure about what to formulate – then this article will help you in making an informed choice.

Let’s first understand the benefits of Multicloud

Autonomy – The ability to deploy your applications on different cloud providers has the clear advantage of reducing dependency on a single vendor. The resulting lower level of lock-in improves your position in negotiating with vendors for better SLA and/or costs. The ability to easily switch vendors means that you can take advantage of the most attractive offers available at any given time.

Hybridity – You can keep some applications on-premises and others on one or more public clouds, based on a variety of considerations, such as security, performance or cost optimization. For example, a hybrid cloud solution can also be used to provide faster service, particularly if your customers are located in multiple locations. Deploying your applications on a cloud that is closer to your customer’s geographical location can result in better response time and performance.

Extended capabilities – Different cloud providers support different platforms and offer constantly changing packages of capabilities. Some features, for example a 24×7 support center, might not be offered by all cloud providers. It might be a good idea to shop around, comparing the various cloud offerings to identify which providers offer the best fit for you. You might prefer to pay more for specific deployments if it means you get special capabilities, while continuing to take advantage of lower costs offered by a different provider for resources where those capabilities are not relevant.

(Source: Oracle)

Our Experience

At E2E Networks, in the past 12 months we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of customers who are coming up with queries regarding multicloud setup, and after detailed consultations with our cloud ninjas they have opted for our industry leading CloudOps Platform a fully cloud agnostic platform that supports 2,000+ public clouds across the world. It uses a blend of automation delivered via technology combined with human intelligence, to reduce the workload of customers’ in-house DevOps team. Moreover, our CloudOps Platform plans are billed according to customers’ total monthly cloud spend, on the infrastructure to be managed by E2E Networks. For e.g., if your monthly spend on AWS / Azure / E2E / IBM / etc. is ₹1,10,000/- the applicable monthly charge would be ₹40,000/-. Due to the unprecedented benefits, now we have more than 58% of our customers have started using multiple public clouds.

What the numbers speak?

Now to help you understand better, below are some of the key findings from the RightScale 2018 State of the Cloud Report (concluding at 81% of Enterprises have a multicloud strategy):

Enterprises Choose Multicloud


Average Number of Clouds Used

Public Cloud Adoption Continues to Climb

Serverless Use Grows Fastest


Change in 2018 Public Cloud Spend

Cloud Users Underestimate Wasted Spend

#1 Focus Is Optimizing Spend

We hope that NOW you are more informed about what kind of cloud you would prefer. We at E2E Networks, would love to offer the technology of the future at market-leading rates.

Finally, let us summarize the benefits of E2E Networks’s CloudOps Platform for you in brief down here:

  1. Combined expertise of various platforms (AWS, Azure, E2E Networks, Google, IBM Cloud,, etc.)
  2. Design solutions in Cloud Agnostic way – No Lock-ins / Easily migrate / Reduced Hurdles
  3. Lighten the workload of DevOps (Focus on productivity)
  4. Multi-tier Architecture / Redundant Architecture
  5. Reduced Failovers – No SPOF
  6. Optimize performance + Cost (Transparent Pricing)
  7. Setup Multi-Cloud environment
  8. Stay Up to date – Notifications on Email/SMS or IM Platforms(ex – Hipchat)
  9. 24×7 Proactive support – monitoring & team availability

We will be happy to discuss your cloud computing needs in a detailed manner. Please write to us or call one of our cloud specialists on +91-11-3001-8095. We will be waiting to hear from you!

Author:  Prashant Chauhan