Microsoft Accelerator for India Startups

Every tech event presents itself with a chance for tech companies to showcase their creative and unique products to a wide range of audience which comprise mostly of startups, employees, and entrepreneurs. In this context, THINK NEXT is no exception, and in fact, it is one of most sought after tech events of the country which was held on 7th December 2016. To be more precise, the flagship event is a confluence of startups, VCs, corporate leaders and global innovators that aim at enabling future disruptors of the tech world to accelerate and connect with potential stakeholders. This year the focus of the event was on transforming the startup landscape together with entrepreneurs and business enterprises to build a thriving ecosystem.

The event focuses on the future scenario of the startup ecosystem, and the industry’s experts provide insight into the challenges and opportunities that could come their way and hence the name THINK NEXT. This year was no different by any means in the case of the whole concept of the event.

Hosted by Microsoft Accelerator and it being the focus, there were bound to be many VC’s and investors looking for new investments to be made into the young startups of the country and programs like Market Access Program, VC speed dating and Roundtable conferences with the top accelerators and incubators made this possible. Also, panel discussions were made along with panel debates followed by an award ceremony for the event alumni.

Since we never miss a chance to be among the best in the business, we were at the event to socialize with the industry veterans and gain an insight into the future of the technology-oriented businesses worldwide. Indeed the event proved to be fruitful in every which way in the sense that our team members got to meet visitors representing the entire spectrum of the startup ecosystem. All in all, it was an experience to cherish every moment of.

A few snapshots from the event:




                            Of course Mr. Mohandas Pai was there too….