Hosting evaluation by experts to reduce CAPEX & OPEX while scaling up

Technology decisions related to Build, Buy or Rent are all about choices and optimization of several inter-related variables. Sub-optimal decisions based on limited visibility can lead to increased operational expenses for years to come or capacity addition with additional amortization/depreciation hits on your books spread over longer durations. We provide our insights and detailed decision support for technical evaluations of multiple completing solutions in business time for the following products and services. Vendors can normally provide limited independent evaluation based on solution components available to them from their partners.

Evaluating application architecture for scalability and High Availability

Ongoing web application development can greatly benefit from knowledge about features present in commodity or specialized hardware. We can help decide whether to build features inside an application, or use buy them in hardware or use freely available OSS (open source software). Evaluation of application architecture also allows us to help you further advise you with the following.

Choosing the right Hardware

Different vendors offer different features and capabilities at different price points. We help you evaluate how to buy the right combination of Server, Network and Storage hardware in tandem with current application requirements while retaining flexibility for future expandability. It is important to design systems that can be repaired in finite time by using additional onsite hardware eliminating single points of failure. Planning for expansion based in finite time based on evaluation of lead time required by hardware delivery vendors. Reasonable MTTR( Mean Time to Repair) to help you recover from disasters.

Choosing the right networking and switching gear

Managed Network Switches, Routers, Loadbalancers, Application Accelerators of various types: not excluding cache accelerators, SSL, Firewalls. Most devices in this category have overlapping features so it is important to figure out what problems are being solved in what part of your service architecture.

Right sizing the storage

SAN, NAS, DAS and iSCSI solutions. High throughput, reliability, redundancy, expandability and lower cost is our aim while helping our clients choose the right storage solutions.

Hosting and Co-location Platform

Custom, Grid, Cloud, CDN or SAAS services. We have long experience in negotiating best possible deals with the providers of Hosting, Co-location, Bandwidth, Grid, Cloud and Services. No two hosting and co-location service providers are the same, it is sub-optimal for development, product management or accounting function employees to deal with service providers without active help from consultants who have continuous experience in purchasing services that can cause a significant impact on your organization’s Capex(capital expenditure) and Opex(Operational Expenditure).

Implementing and managing Virtualization

We can help you evaluate and build the right software stack for Virtualization, Continuous Capacity planning, Backup and Disaster Recovery for your complete Network and server setup using fully interoperable yet low cost components in a vendor neutral fashion.

We provide evaluation services as a part of managed migration services for a one time cost of Rs 5000 + taxes.