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CloudOps Platform

CloudOps Platform

The following Plans have been discontinued and are listed here only for information purposes.

You can reach out to our ecosystem enablers for managed services. Click here to know more. These are independent third party managed services providers.

You can try our cPanel & WHM Integrated Linux cloud servers which comes with Softaculous and Imunify360. Click here to know more.

You can also consider our new launched Smart Dedicated Compute instances which offer dedicated CPU cores for predictable performance. Click here to know more.

Managing Internet servers, especially cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task for organizations who do not have a dedicated DevOps team of a minimum size.

E2E Networks has a unique approach of combining Software+People to deliver fully managed Cloud Operations. Our Cloud Operations Platform frees you to focus on the applications and services that drive your business, by assuming total responsibility for infrastructure operation and maintenance. Furthermore, we can assist you in ensuring that your architecture is completely cloud agnostic with all attendant benefits.

E2E Cloud Operations Platform

Cloud Agnostic Platform – We can support you on any Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google, IBM BlueMix, Rackspace & E2E Networks. Do Managed Microservices, Docker Swarms, Kubernetes, Workload Management across all Clouds and Cross-Platform Automation.

24×7 Operations Center – Comes bundled with machine learning APM Instana, 24×7 coverage, Omni-Channel metrics, Log analysis, Multi-Platform Notifications, Mean Time Before Failure Benchmarking, DR &BCP, RPO Definition, MTTR Maintenance, Mean Time To Scale Up, Failure Impact Minimization, Custom Escalation Matrix, etc.

ROI Driven Performance – Including Workload Management, Low Latency Request Routing, Continual Speed Gains, TCO Modelling, Acceleration Strategies, Datastore Design & Optimization, Internet Scale Architecture, etc.

Security –  Amongst other things our platform delivers Advanced Threat Protection, Host Integrity Monitoring, IDS/ IPS & Penetration Test Plan, Network Design & Isolation, Continuous Patch Management, Zero Day Cognizance, Security Information & Event Management, assistance in compliance, security risk assessment, data classification & governance, etc.

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*By default, all contracts are for a one-year term. Customers who would like longer/ shorter-term contracts should contact our sales representatives to discuss further.

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