Applying in SME Initial Public Offer (IPO) is similar to applying in any other IPO. If you have earlier done it through your banker or broker, you would know it already. Check on your broking firm’s website the process to apply for the IPOs.

Examples of brokers: ICICIDirect / Zerodha /HDFC Securities, etc.

For anyone applying for the SME IPO for the first time, here are a few things you should know:

  1. You need to have a Demat Account and a Bank Account.
  2. Application for IPO is through ASBA (Application Supported by Bank Account), so as the name says when you apply the applied amount would be blocked in your bank account. Only once there is an allotment of shares is when your bank account would be debited with that amount.
  3. If you have an online trading account with ICICI Direct or HDFC Securities, etc. mostly they allow you to apply from there.
  4. If you have a online banking access, then there should be an option to apply for an IPO through that. Like HDFC Bank has a very simple way to apply for IPO through Net banking. Note that you would need to put your Demat account details when you apply through Net Banking.
  5. If you are not applying Online, but rather want to apply Offline. Then you would have to fill an application form and submit with your bank. Application forms would be available on the website of NSE Emerge or shall be provided through an email. Fill the application form with Demat Account and Bank Account Details and submit it with your bank.
  6. If you need to open a new Demat account, kindly contact our Investor Relations team (details mentioned below), who would help you to open the same.
  7. If you have a trading and Demat account with Zerodha, you can apply for the IPO through Online Banking or using the Application Form, as Zerodha doesn’t allow application for IPO, but they would allow trading in shares post listing.
  8. Also note that in case of SME Listed companies, trading is done in Lot Sizes. In case of E2E Networks Limited, a lot size would be 2000 shares. So you can apply for 2000 shares, or 4000 shares and so on.

Contact our Investor Relations team for more information

Vikash Patwari


Mahesh Kabra