Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Philosophy

The Corporate Governance philosophy of the Company is governed by its commitment to run its businesses in a legal, ethical and transparent manner – a dedication that comes from the top management and is imbibed throughout the  organisation. The Company believes that sound corporate governance is critical in enhancing and retaining investor trust. Transparency, accountability, fairness and intensive communication with stakeholders are integral to our functioning.

Corporate Governance Reports

CSR Programme

Contribution towards “School of Happiness” Project of Srijan Foundation Trust

E2E Networks Limited (“E2E”) has partnered with Srijan Foundation Trust (“implementing agency”) to carry out its CSR Programmes and accordingly contributed a sum of Rs. 6 lacs during FY 20-21 towards promotion of educational activities under School of Happiness Project. School of Happiness is the flagship project of Sarayu Trust (Formerly Known as “Srijan Foundation Trust”) started as a non-formal after-school to help children from lesser-privileged backgrounds develop into fully-rounded personalities ready to make their mark in the world. Encompassing a wide range of educational activities, lectures, workshops, professional courses and excursions geared towards personality-development and confidence-building in the after-school hours, the school is cherished by the students as their most favourite place that gave them immense happiness.

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