Impact of Internet Shutdowns – Medianama’s Latest

What is an Internet Shutdown? You have probably heard of it. You might have even faced one maybe not by the same name. It has already happened more than 20 times in India in 2016. It used to be a rare event, but not anymore!

So what is it? When the Government decides to shutdown the internet temporarily, in specific areas, towards certain objectives – like avoiding violence due to riots, preventing cheating in examinations, and so on, it is called Internet Shutdown.

Medianama, a leading information and analysis source on the digital and telecom businesses in India, organized an invite-only event today in Delhi.

This event gave an opportunity to people from various technology pioneer organizations, civil society, and the government to understand and discuss Internet Shutdowns including the impact, pros & cons, including global perspectives.

Attendees included representation from organizations like Amazon, DoT, Economic Times, Google, Hike, IIT-Delhi, NIXI, Microsoft, Mint, The Times of India Group, Twitter, US Embassy, etc. (full list here).

In today’s world every business/ organization irrespective of sector or size relies on Internet services to run smoothly. The Internet connects business to its customers & suppliers and also plays a crucial role in most organizations for internal processes. So if the internet goes down even for few hours, organizations and businesses of all sizes are undoubtedly impacted.

We at E2E Networks never miss an opportunity to contribute to any event/ discussions towards helping make India a more “connected” nation. Needless to say, we were there too, and we took a few pics while there – here are the two that made it to this post! 🙂


Medianama - Impact of Internet Shutdown 1