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E2E Networks’ is a cloud infrastructure provider with an objective of simplifying web infrastructure for domestic and commercial web hosters. We intend to provide superlative Solid State Disks (SSD) with uncompromising performance and easy-to-setup cloud servers.

Myaccount’s portal is a one-stop platform of E2E Networks that holds all your billing and contact information. All the E2E Networks’ customers will be provided with an access account for this portal.

Here is a list of significant FAQs you might face in regards with the Myaccount’s portal.


How do I login to my E2E Networks’ myaccounts panel?

You can access your E2E Networks’ Myaccount’s panel by visiting our myaccount portal.

How do I sign up for myaccount’s portal?

Go to and click on Sign Up and enter the required details. You can also use your Google+ account for signing up for myaccount portal.



In the contact section, you can add the contact information of the authorities of your organization. These authorities will be contacted by E2E Networks in case of any assistance with your billing or technical issues with your instances.

How do I add a person in my Contact on myaccount’s portal?

Under Contact section, you can find an option Add contact Person, using which you can upload the contact details of the authorized person.


How do I delete a person from  my Contact list?

You can delete a person on your Contact list by clicking on the delete option under the Edit section in your Contact table.

c1What is a primary contact and why is it non-deletable?

A primary contact is considered as the chief contact and it cannot be deleted unless some other person is designated as the primary contact.

Payment Methods:

Under the section Payment Methods, you can set your default credit cards (Issued by major Indian Banks) or you can use your MoBiWik wallet.

How do I Add a Credit Card in my Payment Method?

Under Payment Methods Section you can add a credit card or a MobiWik Wallet by clicking on the Add Payment Method option.



Under Billing section, you can find all the details in regards with your Billing and invoices:

What is an outstanding amount and where can i find it?

The outstanding amount is the sum of money yet to be paid to E2E Networks. It is the gross amount (with taxes) billed based on your hourly usage.

You can find your outstanding amount on your myaccounts panel, under the Billing section.


I don’t own a credit card what are the other payment options available for me?

E2E Networks provides you with a wide range of payment options. If you don’t own a credit card, you can use a debit card or can pay via net banking.

How can I pay using my Debit Card or Net banking?

You can find the payment option on myaccount’s portal under the Billing section below Your Outstanding amount. Under this option, you can opt for a variety of payment methods including payment via Debit card anf Net Banking.


Where can I check my payment history and view all my invoices ?

You can check your payment history and the invoices under the Billing. Click on Your Payment History to get your payment summary.

billing1You can download your invoices by clicking on them from payment summary table.

 Zoho Mailboxes:

What is a zoho mailbox?

Zoho is part of a complete online office suite with hosted email for mail addresses under your domain name. You can avail up to 50 mailboxes free of cost using zoho.This offer is valid exclusively for E2E Networks’ Cloud-B customers.

What are the benifits of using a Zoho Mailbox?

  • Ad-free and a smooth user interface
  • Wide range of options available to organize and categorize your messages
  • Automatic Filters
  • Multi-level folder structure

 Am a Cloud-B customer, how can i setup a zoho mailbox for my server?

Follow the below-mentioned guide to set up a mailbox for your domain using zoho:



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