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How to view all your invoice & payment history?

Invoice & payment

At any time, you can view the invoices for the current month or previous months from ‘MyAccount’ portal. This section describes how to view your monthly invoices and your payment history.

STEP 1 – Navigate to Invoice Page

Log in to your account using your credentials.Once you are into E2E Networks ‘My Account’ dashboard click on the Invoice tab.

Step 2 – View your invoice

Detailed Invoice

To make payment of your invoice you can enter the respective amount and then click on the Pay button which will redirect you to the payment page.

You can also request and view a detailed invoice or your account statement which will be shared with you on your email. Click on the Request Accounts Statement button to get a consolidated detailed statement.

Payment History

To view the details of your payment history or download previous invoices click on the Account Statement tab. To download the invoice you require, choose the Invoice link and click on the link to download the invoice for a respective period.



Updated on March 14, 2018

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