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How to create a new Virtual Compute Node


Once you complete the sign-up process you will be e-mailed the credentials for accessing your My Account Portal.

Please go to My Account and log in using the credentials sent to you via e-mail.

Username : customer@e2enetworks.com

Password : ************

OS Distribution & Template

My Account Portal

Once you are into E2E Networks ‘My Account’ click on the Nodes button on the top menu bar or click on the Launch tab which will open up a VCN dashboard.

In the VCN dashboard click on the ‘Create Node’ button to create a new Virtual Compute node.

Select a Distribution

Navigate through the screen to select the OS of your requirement. You may select from Debian OS/CentOS/Ubuntu or select from our range of load balancers/cache accelerators/Web Application Firewall.

Select a Template

Select a plan of your choice or filter the available choices from the drop-down list to display only the plans based on your vCPU/RAM requirements.

For more plan details and pricing please visit

Node Details

After selecting the template in the next window enter the following –

Add Node Name & Label
  • Create a name for your node.
  • Create a Label for your new node or nest under a label category to cluster similar nodes together.
Add SSH Keys

If you do not have SSH keys and want to create an SSH keypair to access your node then follow the tutorial MAC / Windows / Linux.

For additional security and to cryptographically authenticate your computer to an SSH server paste your public SSH key in the space provided.


It might take few minutes to launch the node and you will receive a notification email once your Virtual Compute node is available and successfully launched.

Your Virtual Compute Node is ready for use.

Updated on September 4, 2017

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