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How To Order An SSL Certificate ?


SSL certificates are cryptographic keys in the form of a very small file. When installed on a website it enables a secure connection between a user’s web-browser and website server. It makes the information unreadable to everyone else and protects it from hackers and digital identity thieves.

SSL secures data transfers, logins, financial transactions and other sensitive information and is highly becoming a norm.

Select SSL

To purchase SSL Certificates from your E2E Networks ‘MyAccount’, follow these steps –

STEP 1 – Navigate to SSL

Log in E2E Networks ‘MyAccount’ and select ‘Buy SSL Certificates’ on the left window pane.

STEP 2 – Select Certificate Type

Select the type of certificate that you would like to purchase & click on ‘Buy Now’ button.

Positive SSL Certificates

Single Domain certificate for single secure origin (ex: www.example.com)

These certificates are applicable for only one domain and will not protect the sub-domains (mail.example.com)

Positive SSL Wildcard Certificates

Wildcard certificate for a secure origin with many dynamic subdomains (ex: a.example.com, b.example.com).

A wildcard certificate is primarily issued for “*.domain.com”. The character (*) here is a wildcard which will secure an unlimited number of sub-domains, second-level sub-domains as well.

STEP 3 – Enter Contact Details

Please fill in admin contact details such as your name, email, phone etc. and click on next.

In the next window fill in your technical contact details.

Use the slider button to set your technical contact details same as that of admin contact.

STEP 4 – Certificate Details

Select File based or CName based authentication as per your requirements. This is where you will upload your file.

Auth Type

File-Based Validation

The SSL certificate authority system will provide you with a simple text file, to be saved in a folder.

For example, if you are trying to validate www.example.com. The file path or URL that the certificate authority system will view your file on –

www.example.com/.well-known/pki-validation/[your file name].txt

Once the certificate authority system is able to view the .txt file, the order will be processed.

 CName based Validation

This method allows you to validate your domain by creating a DNS CNAME record.

The SSL certificate issuing vendor will provide you with a DNS CNAME record, to be added in your DNS provider’s control panel.

Certificate Signing Request

While generating a CSR the certificate authority will request you for information which will be installed such as an organization name, domain name, country etc.

To generate a CSR and private key you can find instructions here- CSR Generation Instructions

A CSR will also include a private and public key pair. A public key will be embedded in the certificate whereas a private secret key is to make it work.

Once you have your CSR you can paste it in the Certificate Signing Request text area.

Web server Type

Select the type of web server or a platform for which you have generated a CSR such as Apache2, Cpanel, Plesk etc. or select others if your web server type isn’t in the list.

Place Order

Pre-Order Confirmation

This window will display all the details before you confirm your order and make payment.

Note- You can make edits before making payment.

If you find your details to be correct then click on ‘ Proceed to Pay’ to make the payment.

Order Processing

After placing an order and making payment an Order ID will be generated and you will receive a confirmation once your certificate is available to use.

Note – The order might take some time to generate depending on the Certificate provider processing time.

Download Certificate

Once your order is successfully processed you will be able to download your SSL certificate from ‘MyAccount’.

File-Based Certificate

Download the available auth file and place the download in the mentioned path.

CName Based Certificate

Set the CName entries in your domain provider DNS records.


After you download the SSL certificate and unzip the folder you can easily deploy your SSL Certificate

Visit the link to learn more

SSL certificate deployment on Linux

Updated on September 12, 2019

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