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How to create a Virtual Data Center?


A Virtual data center can be defined as a group of cloud resources specifically designed for enterprise-specific needs. The basic components of a Virtual Data Center are hosts (CPU, RAM, Disk) & VNets which resides in a private environment which virtually represents a physical data center. The principle of the virtual data center is to give enough flexibility to the users to customize their own nodes.

E2E Networks ‘My account’ portal allows you to create a virtual data center over the cloud. Easily allocate and adjust resources within your virtual data center environment at any time.

How to create a virtual data center and launch resources in a network you define.

Create a Virtual Data Center

STEP 1 – Navigate to Private Cloud

Go to your E2E Networks dashboard & navigate to ‘Private Cloud’ under services on the left panel.

STEP 2 – Create VDC

Click on Create VDC to create a new Virtual Data Center

STEP 3 – Input Details

Assign a name & select the IP Class range for your virtual data center.

The IP hierarchy covers many classes of the IP addresses. For a private network, you may select your IPv4 class addressing system which will not be routed on the internet.

You may select a Private Address Range from a class A or class B networks

Class Private Networks Subnet Mask Address Range
A –
B – –
STEP 4 – Confirm

Once you have filled in the required details, click on Create button to create your VDC.

Virtual Data Center – Control Panel

The Virtual Data Center page displays all your VDC’s and the VDC that you just created along with other information such as number of Hosts and networks present on a VDC.

Available Virtual Data Center’s

You can view all the available VDC’s in your account along with the number of hosts and Virtual Network tied with it.


 The hosts represent the physical resources allocated to it such as the status of CPU, RAM, disk space utilization & it’s availability. You can identify and manage the underlying hosts or the servers present in this Virtual Data Center.


VNets will give you the information about Virtual Networks present in your Virtual Data Center along with other information such as the assigned IP address and the range of available IP’s.

Running Nodes

Running Nodes section will provide you the information about all the running nodes in your Virtual Data Center. You will get all the information about your hosts such as it’s name, allocated resoures, IP address etc.

Create & Manage Nodes in your Virtual Data Center

Once you have your VDC, you can create and launch nodes in it.

STEP 1 – Select VDC

Select the VDC in which you want to create a new node.

STEP 2 – Select Host

Select your host and click on create a new node under your Virtual Data Center.

STEP 3 – Select Template

In the next window Select the type of node you want to create.

Once you select a template you will will get 2 options –

Public Cloud – This option will let you create a new node in the public cloud section which will not be visible in the VDC.

Private Cloud – To create a node in your private cloud select the private cloud option from the menu.

STEP 3 – Select Configuration

Available Configurations

You can choose among some pre-defined configurations as we provide in our public cloud to create a node in your VDC.

Customized Configuration

Alternatively, you may customize your own nodes by custom allocating available resources such as RAM, vCPU and disk space.

STEP 5 – Node Details

In the next screen input your node details and add/assign SSH keys to your node.

Click on Submit to launch a node in your VDC.

Once you have created a Private Cloud Node, you can access it from the Running Nodes section under your Virtual Data Center.

Updated on July 27, 2018

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