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How does the TDS deduction work?

Customers using E2E Networks Cloud Platform (services available through MyAccount portal) can choose the option to deduct TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) while making payment.

If you have decided to use TDS deduction, then you need to share your TAN and choose the TDS percentage rate of 2% or 10% as TDS.

In case, if you did not select the TDS option while creating your account or you want to change the TDS set-up (TDS rate, opt-out TDS deduction) for your account, you can send an email requesting to enable/update TDS deduction to  billing-support@e2enetworks.com

If you have successfully opted for TDS, the relevant details can be found under the Billing Details of the Billing Profile section. 

The flow of TDS for prepaid and postpaid customers varies. Refer to the below sections that are relevant to you. 

Prepaid Customer

As a prepaid customer, you would be purchasing Infra Credits. While purchasing the credits, the number of credits equivalent to the TDS amount will be on hold, and these on hold credits would be released to you once you have submitted the TDS certificate (Form 16) and is successfully verified. 

For a simple illustration, consider the following example.  

  • You want to purchase 1000 credits, and the TDS for the same is 10%, which would translate to ₹100. (If the TDS is 2%, the amount would be ₹20.)
  • The total amount you shall pay is ₹1080.
  • The number of credits added to your account will be 900.
  • The number of credits on hold will be 100. 
  • Once you submit the TDS certificate for ₹100 and is successfully verified, the 100 credits which are on hold will be added to your account.

The statement of credits that are on hold would be available under the Account Statement section; this section will be available on the left side of the MyAccount dashboard. 

Submitting the TDS Certificates

You can submit the TDS certificates using the Upload TDS Certificate option available on the left side of the dashboard. 

  • Click on Upload TDS Certificate option available on the left side of the dashboard.ṁ
  • On the right side, Upload TDS Certificate option will appear.
  • Click on Choose File option to select and upload the TDS certificate file. 
  • Select appropriate Financial Year and Quarter for your TDS certificate. 
  • Click on Upload & Save. 

Now, the successfully uploaded TDS certificates will be available under the Uploaded Documents section. Our finance team will review the TDS certificate and will release the withheld credits subject to the clearance of the TDS certificate.

You can delete an uploaded document only if the document status is Verification Pending. If the document is verified or if the verification is failed, you cannot delete that particular document. 

Make sure your TDS certificate satisfies the below conditions for successful verification:

  • Must be in PDF format
  • Must be signed, doesn’t necessarily digitally signed
  • Should not have any password protection

Postpaid Customer

As a postpaid customer, after you have received your invoice, you can calculate the TDS amount and can pay the remaining invoice amount. You shall inform us the same in prior and shall timely submit the TDS certificate. Any discrepancies and non-submission of TDS certificates will lead to account suspension. 

Postpaid customers can also upload the TDS certificates using the MyAccount portal and the procedure for the same is available in the second section of this article. 

Updated on September 9, 2019

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