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How does SI & Auto Pay feature work for Prepaid Customers?

You can set up standing instruction and enable auto pay on your MyAccount so that you are never short of credits and you need not login to MyAccount every time to purchase credits. 

As of now, an Indian credit card is necessary to set up auto pay; it can be either Visa or MasterCard. Support for international credit cards will be enabled soon.

Setup Auto Payment

As a prepaid customer, you would be purchasing Infra Credits. You can automate credit-purchase using the auto pay feature. 

You can follow the below steps to set up automatic payments for your MyAccount. 

You need to have at least one card added under “Manage Cards”. If there is no card added, automatic payment setup cannot be done.

You can add a card by following the steps below.

  • Click on Add Card
  • A payment pop-up box appears.
  • Click on PAY BY CARD
  • Enter your Visa/MasterCard credit card details.
  • Click on Pay
  • A charge of ₹1 will be deducted to verify the credit card. The ₹1 will be refunded to the card after the verification. 
  • Using the above steps, you are allowed to add multiple credit cards to your MyAccount. 

If you add multiple cards, you must choose one of the cards as your primary card. The primary card  will be used first for automatic credit-purchase. If there is any failure in using primary card, only then other cards shall be tried.  

  • In the Auto Payment section, select the checkbox that says Automatically refill credits using my card
  • In the When my credit reaches field, you can enter the threshold amount. When this threshold amount reaches, your primary card will be automatically charged to top up your credit balance. 
  • In the Automatically Refill, enter the amount of credits you would like to purchase automatically when the credit balance reaches the threshold amount. 
  • Click on ‘Save’

Now your Auto Payment has been set up. Whenever your account is topped up automatically, you will receive email alerts. If transaction fails on the primary card provided by you, an email notification will be sent to you. 

Credit Balance Alert

You can also opt to receive alerts when your credit balance falls below a certain amount; this stand-alone feature is available under the Auto Payment option and does not require you to add credit or debit card. When you opt for credit balance alerts, by default you will receive email based alerts and SMS based alerts would be optional. 

The alerts will be sent to your primary contact and you need to ensure that you maintain a positive credit balance

You can follow the below steps to set up a credit balance alert. 

  • In the Auto Payment section, select the checkbox that says Alert me when my credits fall below
  • The following options will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the threshold amount below which if your credit balance falls, you will receive alerts.
  • Alerts shall always be sent on email alerts. You can opt to receive SMS alerts by selecting the SMS checkbox. 
  • Click on ‘Save’

Now, you have successfully set up your Credit Balance Alert. 

Updated on July 16, 2019

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