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How do I add a coupon code to my E2E Networks account?

Coupon code

E2E Networks Coupon Codes are special discount codes which can be applied to E2E Networks My Account.

The coupon code entitles you a discount on the virtual compute nodes of your choice which comes with hourly & monthly billing plans suitable for your requirements.

These instructions will guide you through the process of redeeming a valid coupon code. You must have an E2E Networks My Account prior to redeeming your coupon code.

If you do not have an E2E Networks My Account and wish to create one, see How to Create an E2E Networks My Account.

STEP 1 – Logging into E2E Networks ‘My Account’

Once you complete the Sign-up process you will be e-mailed the credentials for accessing your E2E Networks My Account Portal.

Please go to ‘My Account’ and log in using the credentials sent to you on your e-mail.

Username: customer@e2enetworks.com Password: ************

Once you are into E2E Networks ‘My Account’ dashboard click on the [Redeem Coupons] tab on the top menu bar.

STEP 2 – Enter Coupon Code

On the Redeem coupons window, enter a valid E2E Networks coupon code and click on the Redeem coupon button.

If you enter a valid coupon code then you should receive a verification message that your coupon is redeemed.

That is all you need to do to have to successfully redeem your coupon code. You should be aware that the coupon discount will be automatically applied to your invoice for E2E Networks services.  Beyond the applicable discount, the charges incurred for usage will be billed to you.

Updated on February 16, 2018

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