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CDP Backup User Guide

CDP Backup User Guide

We recommend you to subscribe for CDP backups on all servers especially the servers on production environment. Having CDP backups secures your data from accidental data loss or modifications along with the option of retaining data for a longer period of time without consuming the server’s disk space.

Backup Frequency

4 times Daily (generally and can be subjected to changes as per requirement).

Completely Secure

The backups are stored in our backup servers and the connections to these are encrypted using SSL to ensure the security of the data being backed up.

Incremental in nature

The backup server takes a complete snapshot of the entire filesystem for the first time and from the next run, it only copies over the differential Deltas (data that has changed since the last backup run) thus speeding up the backup process.

DB Backups

We can add a separate MySql backup instance to capture the MySQL DB.

  • The CDP for MySQL Add-On integrates Continuous Data Protection with an online hot backup (snapshot) of MySQL databases to provide fast, efficient, and safe MySQL backups.
  • MySQL add-on ensures that tables be locked and flushed before a backup operation can take place. MySQL Add-On coordinates with the point-in-time file system snapshot.
  • The only requirement for MySQL Add-On is a MySQL account with administrative privileges that is used by the Agent to flush tables with the read lock before the file system snapshot is taken and the lock must be held until the snapshot completes.
Recovery/archive points

In our backup system, a backup policy is created for each server to be backed up. The backup policy ensures the streaming of Deltas at regular intervals (i.e Backup Frequency) of time.

The deltas are merged to existing backups to create recovery/archive points.

The recovery/archive point creation is as follows:

  • 14 recovery points daily
  • 4 recovery points weekly
  • 2 recovery points Monthly

Each recovery point is all inclusive i.e it contains all the data and can be used for a restore independently. Note: After exceeding the defined recovery/archive point number, the old Archive Points will subsequently be replaced by the new ones.

Restore functionality

The backup restore rates are inversely proportional to the load on your system. In an ideal environment, Our backup systems can restore at an avg rate of 20 MB/s which translates to 65-70 GB per hour. However, the actual rates may vary and we have seen better speeds than this.

The way to request a rollback/restore is to file a ticket with us on the support ID and we should be able to assist you in the recovery of files/folders from the recovery points.

A read-only access to the backup portal can be provided (if required) so that you can view the status of backups along with the ability to download them on to your local machine.

Plans & Prices

Our backup plan starts at INR 150 / month including 15GB backup. Thereafter every additional 1GB backup available for INR 9.9 / month plus taxes.

Updated on April 5, 2019

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