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Billing FAQ


  • How do Cloud instances get billed?

Cloud instances are billed by the hour. Each customer account has an automatically generated credit limit which can be manually increased

  • What is an outstanding amount and where can I find it?

The outstanding amount is the sum of money yet to be paid to E2E Networks. It is the gross amount (with taxes) billed based on your hourly usage.

You can find your outstanding amount on your MyAccount panel, under the Billing section.

Visit Here For Details – https://www.e2enetworks.com/help/knowledge-base/view-all-your-invoices-under-myaccount-portal/

  • Would my monthly cost vary based on the number of days in a month since you bill by the hour?

Yes, your monthly billing for nodes running for an entire month would vary based on the number of hours in a month. 30 days in a month means you get billed for 720 hours, 31 days in a month means you get billed for 744 hours for the same instance at the hourly rate.

Note – Prices published on our website are calculated using an assumed usage of 730 hours per month in an year; actual monthly costs may vary based on a number of days in a month.

  • Am I charged while my node is in a power-off state?

Yes. Your disk space, CPU, RAM, and IP address are all reserved while your node is powered off. You should backup your data and terminate the node to avoid being charged if you don’t intend to use it.

  • How does the billing of Microsoft Licences work?

All the licenses provided by Microsoft (e.g. Windows license, MS-SQL license etc) are billed on a calendar month basis. This means that even if any license is used for one day in any given month, it will be charged for the whole month.

Modes of payment

  • What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all the credit and debit cards issued by any of the major banks in India. We also have an option of MobiWik wallet as a mode of payment.


Credit Cards are only accepted in case of auto-debit transactions. Please, get in touch with our accounts team (accounts@e2enetworks.com) if you prefer to pay via Cheque/ NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS.

  • Do you accept Amex, Virtual, Electron, American Express, Diner and prepaid cards?

No, we do not currently accept these forms of payment. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you primarily use one of these cards, we recommend you file a support request for our team to set up an offline payment model for you.

  • Do you have a list of issuing banks from India whose credit cards are known to work on your payment gateway?

We support almost all the major bank customer cards such as Citibank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, IndusInd Bank, RBL Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank, HSBC, SBI. We would recommend that you use cards issued by one of these banks. In case your card is being repeatedly declined by our payment gateway, we suggest you file a support request for our team to set up an offline payment model for you.

  • Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

No — when you enter a card, we only run an authorization charge of ₹1 + ₹1.  Your card shall be automatically charged at the end of your credit limit or end of month whichever is earlier, after generating & emailing you the usage invoice.

  • Can you charge my card on a specific date?

No –  We have a fixed billing cycle & your card will be charged after your invoice is raised.

  • What will happen if I forget to pay the bill on the due date?

The payment due date is mentioned on the invoice generated electronically by E2E Networks Private Limited which is emailed to all the billing contacts. Our billing system will also send you payment reminders & we suggest you pay the dues before the due date to avoid service suspension.

For details see our Suspension & Termination Policies –

Suspension & Termination policy incase of non-payment by due date

  • Can I pay in advance?

Yes, you have the flexibility to pay in advance. We’ll adjust the advance payments against your Invoice which will also reflect in your account statement.

  • If I have multiple credit cards on file, which one do you charge?

Our billing system will attempt to charge the first card added by you at the time of account activation. If there is a specific card you’d like to use for payments then please delete any other cards from your account.

  • How am I charged if I have both offline payments set-up and a credit card on file?

At the end of the month, if there is a balance on your account, our billing system will attempt to charge any credit cards that you have on file on the 1st of the month. If you’d like to pay us offline instead, please make sure your payment reaches us at least 3 working days before the 1st of the month or before you reach your accounts pre-set credit limit.

  • My credit card expired or was declined and the payment failed. How do I fix it to prevent my account from being suspended?

You can resolve this issue by making an offline payment (via cheque/ bank transfer). As we do not allow credit cards to be edited, you will need to delete the old credit card and add a new one. Our billing system will also send you payment reminders before any actions such as service suspension are taken on your account.

  • How can I delete my credit card details from MyAccount portal?

Login to your myaccount portal, then navigate to Payment Methods under Payments and Billing tab on the header menu. Your credit card details will be displayed there. Click delete to remove your credit card details from MyAccount portal. You can add your credit card details in the future if you wish to.

Please do note that after removing your credit card details, your mode of payment will automatically change from online to offline. You will have to select any of the other payment methods from Pay Now option to make online payments in the future (Debit card, Credit card, Net banking, Mobikwik wallet)

Offline payment & Refunds

  • I have submitted an offline payment. Why hasn’t my balance been updated?

Balances are not updated in real time. Once you submit your offline payment it gets processed and added to our system. You should see the updated balance in up to 3 working days.

  • Can I transfer credits from one account to another?

No – credits cannot be transferred between accounts.

  • Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances, please file a support ticket with our team.

  • Can I be billed using my local currency?

Since E2E Networks is primarily an INDIA based company, E2E Networks will continue to bill in INR ₹. This allows our pricing to remain stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates. We do apologize if this causes an inconvenience.

Tax Deductions

  • Tax Deduction at Source for E2E Networks Private Limited?

You are requested to deposit TDS @2% u/s 194C of income tax provisions for amounts invoiced by us if aggregating to more than ₹ 100,000 per year (Rs.30,000/- for a single billing ) even if your card is charged the full amount.

For the managed services portion, you may deduct TDS u/s 194 J for amounts invoiced aggregating to more than ₹ 30,000 per year.

As per CBDT circulars no.4/2008 dated 28-04-2008 and circular no.1/2014 dated 13th Jan.2014, no TDS is required to be deducted on the service tax portion.

For customers where the billed amounts are auto-debited via standing instructions. We’ll make a refund of TDS deposited on the issuance of appropriate Form-16A & correspondingly marked as Final(F) in our Form 26AS via NEFT/RTGS into your account.

Updated on March 1, 2018

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