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  • Easy Access to Electronic Medical Records

    Fast and easy access to important medical information is vital to diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care. Uploading health records, patient history, test results, images and other diagnostic findings into the cloud means that members of the care team can always act on the latest information.

  • Role-Based, Gated Availability of Sensitive Health Information

    Cloud computing makes it easier to provide authorized access to privileged information. For example, specific parts of a patient’s financial data, like their billing history, may not be available to frontline care providers. Likewise, details of medical conditions and treatment can be blocked from back-office staff who don’t need those details to do their work.

  • Cloud-Based AI and Analysis for Identifying Trends and Improvements

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will help to optimize diagnosis across the healthcare industry. Aggregated and anonymized patient data can be used for forecasting, disease modelling and optimizing treatment outcomes. Deep analytics could identify trends for further research, new drug development or alternative diagnostic methods.

  • Integration with Multiple Applications, Systems and Third Parties

    Cloud-based medical data is available to any person or application that has a verified need to view and act on the information. This makes it easier for upstream and downstream software, systems and third parties to review and make changes to electronic health records or medical details. For example, a pharmacist could look at a patient’s prescriptions to make sure there are no unplanned drug interactions. Alternatively, a family doctor could easily transfer their patient’s medical history to a specialist for a more informed diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • Continual Backup of Important Healthcare Information

    Cloud services provide real–time backup of healthcare data. In the event of hardware failure, power loss or data breaches, healthcare providers can quickly and easily restore data for minimal disruption or interruption to patient care. There are many types of backup available, including snapshots of data, iterative backups or live backups for immediate failover.

Explore Healthcare and Life Science Segments

  • Healthcare Providers & Payers

    Healthcare Providers & Payers

    Transform your data into an asset to improve the patient, provider, and member experience across the care continuum and accelerate your transition to value-based care. Secure patient data while enabling frictionless data interoperability and regulatory compliance.

  • Pharma & Biotech

    Pharma & Biotech

    Modernize every aspect of the pharma value chain, with industry solutions designed to help you more quickly and efficiently develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize therapeutics- while meeting the most stringent security and compliance regulations.

  • Genomics


    Power precision medicine at scale with workflow automation from genomic analyses to clinical interpretation. Efficiently and cost-effectively harmonize multi-omic datasets to transform ‘big data’ into clinically-relevant findings.

Innovate faster to improve patient outcomes

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are looking for ways to lower costs and improve the quality of patient care. Intelligent, connected, and secure cloud-based solutions can help bring innovations to care delivery models, drug discovery, and genomics. These solutions can help enable healthcare and life sciences organizations to achieve their business.

Multiple Use Cases For Healthcare & Life Sciences On E2E Cloud Here Are Some.

  • Innovate care delivery
  • Establish secure IT operations
  • Discover algorithms and ML models

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