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If you or your company or someone you know is researching in the fight against Coronavirus and the Covid-19 outbreak, and require acceleration through Cloud GPUs, we can help.

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How it works:

For qualified researchers working on fighting COVID-19, E2E GPU Cloud offers seamless access to NVIDIA V100 Cloud Instances for research work using NVIDIA Parabricks Genomics Analysis Toolkit.

What is NVIDIA Parabricks Genomics Analysis Toolkit?

Parabricks is a GPU-accelerated toolkit for analyzing genomic sequencing data. When deployed on GPU instances, Parabricks can deliver 50x faster analysis of sequence data, bringing down the time required for analysis from days to just a few hours. NVIDIA offers Parabricks toolkit free for 90 days for researchers working on fighting COVID-19. Click here for more information and resources on Parabricks Toolkit.

As partners, we’re joining hands with NVIDIA to provide NVIDIA V100 GPU Instances on E2E Cloud for researchers working in this paradigm.

E2E’s GPU Cloud

is suitable for a wide range of uses

  • AI/ML/DL

    Train complex models at high speed to improve predictions and decisions of your algorithms. Use any framework or library: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet, Auto-Keras, and many more.

  • Computer Vision

    Accelerate Convolutional Neural Networks based deep-learning workloads like video analysis, facial recognition, medical imaging and others

  • Computational Finance

    Analyze and calculate large and complex financial data; performtons of transactions in real-time. Do accurate financial forecasting, faster

  • Scientific Research

    Design and implement data-parallel algorithms that scale to hundreds of tightly coupled processing units: molecular modelling, fluid dynamics and others

  • Big Data:

    Deal with large-size data sets and continuously growing data, splitting it up between processors to crunch through voluminous data sets at a quicker rate

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Latency is a critical part of Cloud Gaming. E2E GPU Cloud provided ultra-low network latency to Cloud Quest users and enhanced their gaming experience.