• Performance Optimization

    Our experienced engineers will help you get the most out of your cloud with cloud infrastructure optimization techniques, superior technology and cloud tuning strategies without having to learn the ins and outs.

    We have a unique approach of combining Software+People to deliver fully managed Cloud Operations. Our CloudOps Platform frees you to focus on the applications and services that drive your business, by assuming total responsibility for infrastructure operation and maintenance.

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  • Security

    Settle your cloud on discrete security-oriented practices, such as Web Application Firewall, Identity and Access control, Intrusion Detection System, DDoS protection and Safeguard against security risks.

    In addition, our CloudOps Platform delivers Advanced Threat Protection, Host Integrity Monitoring, Network Design & Isolation, Continuous Patch Management, Zero Day Cognizance, and Security Information & Event Management.

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  • Cost Optimization

    Avoid costly startup expenses & focus to grow your business while reduce the maintenance, optimization and support burden from your team.

    Our CloudOps Platform plans are billed according to your total monthly cloud spend, on the infrastructure to be managed by us.

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  • Proactive Monitoring

    Experience fully managed & monitored cloud platform with a commitment to service delivery.

    Additionally, our CloudOps Platform comes bundled with machine learning APM Instana, 24×7 coverage, Omni-Channel metrics, Log analysis, Multi-Platform Notifications, Mean Time Before Failure Benchmarking, DR &BCP, RPO Definition, MTTR Maintenance, Mean Time To Scale Up, Failure Impact Minimization, Custom Escalation Matrix, etc.

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