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FAQs Sales

What Is The Uptime Provided By E2E Networks?


Is It Possible To Customize Cloud Servers?

No. We request our customers to choose from the available options in the public cloud.

How Much Traffic Will My Website Be Able To Handle?

It depends on the various parameters including the CPU, RAM, applications, and so on. You can contact our support team for more information.

Is The Internet Bandwidth Metered?

No. In highly exceptional cases, if your setup demands high and dedicated bandwidth, it is provided for an additional cost.

Do I Get Root Access To My Server?


Can I Host Multiple Websites With One Cloud server Plan?

You can host multiple sites depending upon resources like allocated disk space and memory in the Cloud server plan

How Much Time Does It Take To Provision My Server?

Once the payment is done from Myaccount portal, customer can launch the server. Usually it takes 5-10 minutes to get the server credentials via email

Where Is The Datacenter Located?

Our Cloud is hosted out of Netmagic’s NOIDA datacenter.

What Are The Building Specifications Of The Datacenter?

The datacenter building has following characteristics:

Firm concrete building
Raised Floor Load Bearing Capacity: 1,000 kgs/ minimum

How Can I Upgrade Or Downgrade My Cloud server Plan?

You can only upgrade your Cloud server plans within the the particular series your plan lies in. There are no custom upgrade or downgrade for hard disk space, vCPUs or RAM.
The change in Cloud server plan can be done upon a reboot, with a maximum downtime of 20 mins in order to ensure everything is working fine. The change in plan can be requested to our support team via a support ticket. Please mail to cloud-platform@e2enetworks with following information:

IP of the server
Current plan
Plan to be upgraded to
Downtime of 20 mins (between 10am to 10pm)

What Are External Security Measures Taken At The Datacenter?

Following are the security measures taken at the data center for the safety of data and servers:

Camera: CCTV surveillance cameras
Security Guards: 24×7 on-site security presence
Building Access: Photo ID required
Room Access: Access card and biometric authentication

Do The Servers Have By Default Mirrored RAID Setup?

Yes, mirrored RAID-10 or RAID-1 setups are present on all servers to protect against failure of 1 disk at a time.

Do you offer managed services for server instances for free?

No. All our cloud instances are self-managed by default. We provide basic platform support with ‘no hands to keyboard’ approach.

How Can I Check The Latency To Your Servers?

You can ping our website to check the latency.
You can also download testfiles from to check the download speed you get at your location.

Does E2E Networks provide Self Managed servers?

Yes, E2E Networks only offers Self Managed servers. Self Managed servers are servers in which E2E Networks does not provide any maintenance, management and support. These servers are managed entirely by the customers. The only thing that E2E Networks is responsible for is server and network uptime. Security inside the virtual machine, monitoring of resources in the virtual machine and Backup of data is customer’s responsibility. Customers with technological savvy team and experience should consider self-managed servers