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Webinar Alert: Introducing Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud - Join the Launch Event!

Join us for an exciting webinar as we introduce Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud revolutionizing the way you conduct data science and analysis.

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About the Speaker

Mr. Amol Umbarkar Profile Image

Mr. Amol Umbarkar

Product Engineer

Amol is a platform engineer who specializes in building productivity tools for software developers. He is also the creator of hyperML- an open-source tool for running ML on K8s.

Mohamed Imran Profile Picture

Mohamed Imran

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Imran runs E2E Networks’ cloud computing operations and initiatives using his extensive experience in cloud computing, networking, and open-source software.

Event Agenda

Jupyter Notebook is an open source tool that is built around the concept of Notebooks that is a critical part of data analysis and scientific computing. These notebooks are web-based documents containing snippets of codes, mathematical equations, text explanations, and rich media content.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this powerful cloud service, designed to empower data scientists, researchers, and developers with seamless access to the renowned Jupyter Notebook environment. Discover how Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud helps bring together the flexibility of Jupyter Notebook with the reliability and performance of our cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. 


We will be covering the following points in the webinar:

  • Introduction to Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud
  • Exploring the features and capabilities of Jupyter on the cloud
  • Live demonstrations and walkthroughs
  • Q&A session

Key Takeaways

  • Get a live demonstration and walkthrough of Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud.
  • Discover how Jupyter Cloud on E2E Cloud can enhance your data science workflows.
  • Learn best practices for launching and optimizing Jupyter Cloud on E2E Cloud.
  • Understand the benefits of E2E Cloud's scalable infrastructure for data-driven projects.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of Jupyter as a Service on E2E Cloud and revolutionize your data science workflows. Reserve your spot today to secure your access to this webinar.

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