Efficient and Scalable Computing with Tensor Cores.
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Efficient and Scalable Computing with Tensor Cores.

Every new GPU microarchitecture generation has added a brand-new technique to boost the efficiency of Tensor Core operations. These modifications have increased the Tensor Cores' ability to work with various computer number formats.

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About the Speaker

Srini Chilukuri

Srini Chilukuri

Founder and CEO of TensorGo Technologies

Mr. Srini Chilukuri is the Founder and CEO of TensorGo Technologies which is a leader in Cognitive and Emerging Technologies Business (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Intelligence, Cloud, Data, and Application Integration) and carries comprehensive expertise in Custom Development and Technology Consulting.

Event Agenda

Join E2E Cloud and Mr. Srini Chilukuri, Founder and CEO of TensorGo Technologies, to discuss efficient and scalable computing with Tensor Cores.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • A brief overview of Tensor Cores and their role in modern computing.
  • A deep dive into the architecture of Tensor Cores and how they differ from traditional processing units.
  • An exploration of the applications for which Tensor Cores are best suited
  • how Tensor Cores can be used to scale computing resources efficiently, including best practices for building high-performance computing clusters.
  • the performance benefits of using Tensor Cores

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