Deploying machine learning models in production
2:30 pm
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Deploying Machine Learning Models In Production

Putting a machine learning model into production is essential if it is to achieve its intended purpose of solving a problem. Find out what it takes to put machine learning models into production.

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About the Speaker

Ramjee Ganti

Ramjee Ganti

India Engineer, Fiddler AI

Mr. Ramjee Ganti is helping companies navigate the complex world of building AI/ML products. Mr. Ramjee Ganti has wide technical and management experience with cross geo teams and a proven ability to communicate and articulate complex business/technical ideas to high-level business and technical audiences.

Event Agenda

Join E2E Cloud and Mr. Ramjee Ganti, India Engineering head at Fiddler AI, to discuss the most effective ways to deploy Machine Learning Models in Production.

Join this webinar to learn:-

  • How can you put machine learning models into actual use?
  • The Problems with Deploying Models
  • Successful Model Deployment: Tips and Tricks
  • A Checklist for Keeping an Eye on Your Machine Learning Model
  • Best Practices for Deploying Machine Learning Models
  • Deploying models in production

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