Accelerated Video Transcoding: Reduce TCO By 50%
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Accelerated Video Transcoding: Reduce TCO By 50%

Transcoding helps improve your workflow by creating a copy of your video files in a new format that will deliver better playback in your editing platform. Find out how you can reduce your TCO by 50%.

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About the Speaker

Rajendra Turakani

Rajendra Turakani

Co-Founder and CEO at Saranyu Technologies

Mr. Rajendra Turakani is the Co-Founder and CEO at Saranyu Technologies which is a Bangalore-based technology product startup company, focused on building next-generation Cloud-based platforms for media-centric applications & services.

Event Agenda

Join E2E Cloud and Mr. Rajendra Turakani, Co-Founder and CEO at Saranyu Technologies, to discuss accelerated video transcoding and how to apply it in the most cost-effective ways.

Join this webinar to learn:

  •  Accelerated Video Transcoding - Reduced TCO
  •  Content Adaptive - Save up to 50% of Bandwidth
  •  DRM - Protect content with Widevine and FairPlay
  •  Multiple ingest protocols
  •  CDN and Storage Agonistic
  •  Scalable and pay as you use 
  •  H264 / HEVC / Dolby 5.1/ Atmos enabled
  •  Players for Phone and TV Apps with support for Analytics
  •  AI-powered motion thumbnail for video preview.

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