E2E CloudOps Platform Now Monitoring Hadoop Clusters

Managing Internet servers, especially cloud infrastructure can be a daunting task for organizations, by assuming total responsibility for infrastructure operation and maintenance, our “Cloud Operations Platform” frees you to focus on the applications and services that drive your business.

Our Cloud Operations Platform now includes monitoring Hadoop Clusters via “Instana machine learning APM tool“. Instana includes features like application discovery, near real-time granularity and automatic health monitoring of supported technology pieces. This helps in freeing up the team’s bandwidth so that they can focus on making performance better and NOT on making performance monitoring better – you can safely leave that to us 🙂

We actually don’t have to setup and configure health monitoring – for any of the technology pieces we monitor with Instana. The discovery is automatic. The dependency maps are automatic. Even health monitoring – deciding which metrics to gather and how to interpret them – is automatic.

Need help with managing your cloud infrastructure? Our cloud agnostic services (we support all popular cloud platforms like AWS, IBM BlueMix, Azure, E2E etc.) can help you ensure your goals for  high availibilty, full RTB coverage, infra optimisation, etc. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with our consultants to find out for yourself.