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DataNote is an OpenLogic ERP Framework tool that offers data management & analysis through a centralized functionality that can be easily deployed on cloud servers. It is a comprehensive enterprise solution that is designed to deliver the expected results without sharing any confidential data.

By efficiently consolidating and managing the data, information, in any transaction, DataNote helps save time and cost and increase effectiveness.

Run your ERP workload on E2E Cloud by choosing the easiest ERP OpenLogic Framework – Datanote

Benefits of E2E Cloud for your ERP Application

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Cost and Time Saving

    Running Datanote ERP on E2E Cloud will help you save cost and time.

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Latest Generation Hardware

    Launch new servers and opt for recently launched series of plans to get an edge over your competitors who are still using old deprecated in-house servers

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Scale Up Vertically

    Increase server's resources when the need arises without changing setup

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Windows OS

    The option of Windows Cloud servers for your ERP applications built on Dot Net

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Tier III+ Certified DC

    E2E Cloud servers are located in Tier III+ certified data centre which has the highest levels of security and monitoring in place. It is a PCI DSS certified DC

  • World-class GPU Infra

    3 GHz Frequency servers

    E2E Cloud C2 series and SDC series have 3 GHz frequency servers which provide the best performance to your ERP application

  • World-class GPU Infra

    cPanel and Plesk Control Panel

    Option of WHM - cPanel & Plesk control panel to make your life easier working on servers

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Indian Datacenter

    Indian Data Center gives lower latency and hence better experience to your users of ERP

  • World-class GPU Infra

    Complete Ownership

    E2E provides the root access of the server, where customers can easily deploy any ERP software.

Following is a curated list of top ERP applications running on E2E Cloud

  • Tally on Cloud

    Tally is one of the widely used businesses and accounting software. Many customers run their Tally software on Windows-based Smart Dedicated compute and get the flexibility to run the software on the cloud from anywhere

  • School Management System

    School Management System helps to monitor teachers and students activities. This software is a powerful tool to manage the administrative tasks with single line integrated system.

  • Hospital Management System

    Hospital Management System helps to manage the different departments of the hospital like OPD, Emergency along with billings of patients in a single window. Usually, Hospital Management systems run at its best in Windows Smart Dedicated Compute

  • Customer Relationship Management System

    CRM is a backbone for any sales-driven organization. There are several open-source CRM software like Odoo which can be deployed on Smart Dedicated compute series of E2E Cloud

  • Field Sales Management System

    Field Sales Management Systems track activities and meetings of the field sales team. This software is widely used in the payment collection companies

E2E Networks

E2E Networks Smart Dedicated Compute servers helps in getting predictable and consistent performance for your mission critical ERP Workloads.

Accelerate Machine Learning and Deep Learning Workloads with up to 70% cost-savings

Multiple Use-cases, One Solution!

E2E’s GPU Cloud

is suitable for a wide range of uses

  • AI/ML/DL

    Train complex models at high speed to improve predictions and decisions of your algorithms. Use any framework or library: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet, Auto-Keras, and many more.

  • Computer Vision

    Accelerate Convolutional Neural Networks based deep-learning workloads like video analysis, facial recognition, medical imaging and others

  • Computational Finance

    Analyze and calculate large and complex financial data; performtons of transactions in real-time. Do accurate financial forecasting, faster

  • Scientific Research

    Design and implement data-parallel algorithms that scale to hundreds of tightly coupled processing units: molecular modelling, fluid dynamics and others

  • Big Data:

    Deal with large-size data sets and continuously growing data, splitting it up between processors to crunch through voluminous data sets at a quicker rate

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