Key Differentiators

  • Performance Optimization

    We help you get the most out of your cloud with cloud infrastructure optimization techniques, application performance management tools & cloud tuning strategies. Our CloudOps Platform allows you to focus on your business while we handle your infrastructure concerns.

    How do we do it?

    • Analyse your existing setup and identify the performance areas
    • Determine Optimal Size of machines for you
    • Performance tuning (OS level, kernel level, service level, Network level, DB Tuning)
    • Application Performance Monitoring tools for Auto-Discovery & Real-time prediction of incidents which has no impact on your Applications performance
    • Regular monitoring of your cloud infrastructure


    Security Best Practices is must to safeguard against security risks. Our CloudOps Platform follows best practices to maintain & protect your cloud against unauthorized use/access, hackers, attacks, malware and other risks.

    Our Security Services-

    • We help in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
    • Regular Security Assessments, Vulnerability Fixes, Patch Management
    • Proactive security cognizance – Automated Security scans & reports
    • PCI DSS – We help to check parameters on compliance, data leakage, password policy, data storage, encryption.
    • We define Identity management, privacy, and access controls
    • We design Isolated environment – Check Privately & public accessible machines(Check Open Ports and usage)
    • Basic security hygiene – SSH Access /Username pass Secure Cloud usage
    • Security Compliance Reports
    • Best data handling practices to protect users, data & apps
    • Optimal solutions for the applications & resources.

    Cost Optimization

    CloudOps platform helps to avoid costly startup expenses & lets you focus on your business. The cost saved can quickly add up to ROI. Moreover, it is an effective way to achieve long-term goals.

    How do we save cost?

    • Project TCO: We provide insights to offer clarity in budgeting, forecasting and spend controls.
    • Best Configuration: Re-architect only when benefit exceeds the cost
    • Capacity Analysis: We help you to identify and pay for services you require, close unused services
    • Right-Sized: Right scalability & elasticity.
    • Cloud Agnostic:  Drop-in replacement for micro-service components

    Setup Management

    Setting up a cloud requires configuration, set up a development environment and several other methods tp configure and manage the cloud infrastructure.

    How do we help in Setup Management?

    • CI/CD Pipeline operations
    • Deployment Automation
    • Code Deployment: Staging to production along with Rollback practices
    • Automation Environment Setup: From code repository onto actual server setup
    • Migration: Services to move a server or complete cloud infrastructure.
    • Sprints: We make daily, weekly, monthly tasks goals


    High Availability(HA) refers to a system which continuously operates for a desirable length of time. It is key to any web-based environment as it provides continuous operation of the system even in the case of a hardware failure. Single point of failure (SPOF) is a part of a system, that if it fails, will stop the entire system from working. To overcome SPOFs, High Availability architecture is deployed into web-based environments.

    How we make HA/Scalable infrastructure?

    • Eliminate SPOF – Redundancy
    • We ensure High-Availability of components
    • We build scalable systems with smart architecture through effective design, capacity monitoring, configuration management.

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