Vellore, Tamil Nadu
0-3 years of experience

Cloud Platform Engineer

We’re looking for inspired and motivated technical contributors to join our team. Candidates must have the potential to think methodically, execute the process proficiently and communicate the same effectively.


3-6 LPA

Job Responsibilities

● Respond to technical and product questions raised by our customers through support channels

● Troubleshoot infrastructure and product issues

● Quickly learn new technologies using E2E Networks Cloud and adapt to rapid changes

● Help combat fraud and abuse on the platform

● Prior experience in similar environments in Customer Success, Solutions Architecture type roles.

● Strong communication skills, with ability to explain technical concepts in clear and concise terms

● Ensure incident identification, assessment, quantification, reporting, communication, mitigation and monitoring

● Revise and develop processes to strengthen the current Security Operations Framework, Review policies and highlight the challenges in managing SLAs

● Responsible for integration of standard and non-standard logs in SIEM

● Creation of reports, dashboards, metrics for SOC operations and presentation to Sr. Mgmt.

● Explaining to the customers/internal teams their responsibilities as per the laws on handling abuse reported by 3rd parties and law enforcement

● Should have understanding of technology, and be able to write detailed technical documentation for a range of cloud products

Skill Sets and qualifications required:

● Linux and Virtualization: CentOS, OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian, KVM and Proxmox

● Database Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL

● Orchestration: SaltStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer

● Infrastructure Services: DHCP, DNS, SSL, NTP

● Programming Languages: Python, Bash

● Alerting & Metrics: Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Percona Monitoring and

● Management (PMM)

● Version Control: Git, GitHub

● Data Science Skills: NVIDIA GPUs, CUDA, Tensorflow, Pytorch, XGBoost, Apache Spark

● Experience working in a SOC a plus

● Understanding Incident Management and Response

● Experience in security management and SIEM

● Understanding of basic security concepts such as cyber-attacks and techniques, threat vectors,

risk management, incident management etc.

● Knowledge of applications, databases, middleware to address security threats against the same.

● Proficient in preparation of reports, dashboards and documentation

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills

● Understanding Linux/Networking/TCP-IP and basic infrastructure servers like web servers, email servers, ntpd, middleware, syslog,syslog-ng

● Experience with open source tools like wireshark, tcpdump, ntop, netflow, sflow etc.

● Experience of having used an NVIDIA GPU is a plus

● Understanding basic AI/ML frameworks like cuda, tensorflow, pytorch is a plus

About E2E Networks

E2E Networks is the leading hyperscaler from India with focus on scalable Cloud GPU infrastructure, listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company is popular for providing accelerated cloud computing solutions, including cutting-edge Cloud GPUs like NVIDIA A100 GPUs and DGX Super Computing on the Cloud, making it the sole provider of advanced Cloud GPU capabilities in India.

E2E Networks Cloud computing solutions are built on the principles of affordability, assistance, accessibility, accommodative, and AtmanirbharBharat (self-reliant India), which are collectively referred to as the 5As of E2E Cloud.The company has been instrumental in helping India become self-reliant in the cloud infrastructure by offering a true public cloud platform that is multi-region, smart dedicated compute, and designed to cater to the unique needs of Higher Education and Research, Enterprises businesses and next generation of AI/ML startups in the country.

Our platform has further strengthened its position as the leading accelerated computing cloud platform from India by demonstrating its capabilities in the Al/ML, NLP, Computer Vision and Generative AI on its Cloud GPU and DGX platforms. The company has well earned its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner of choice for Higher Education and Research Institutions, Enterprises and AI/ML startups in India as well as globally.

E2E Networks is popular for being the first provider of India based low latency and contractless cloud computing in India. The company's advanced Cloud Computing solutions, including Cloud GPUs like NVIDIA A100 and DGX SuperComputing are aimed at helping India rise as an AI/ML superpower transforming Higher Education, Research and Enterprises across industry and academia.

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