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Why do startups choose E2E Networks?

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    Powerful and simple

    We are committed to making sure our cloud is easy for small businesses to use. Combining our compute flexibility, easy-to-use UI, powerful API, and extensive documentation, E2E Networks cloud helps you save time on infrastructure so you can focus on building your business.

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    Predictable pricing

    Considering the significance of cost-control in a startup environment, predictable bills are critical on the path to profitability. We know that cash is important to companies just starting to build their product, establish market fit, and hire talent. Our pricing model makes it easy for you to reliably forecast your costs, which is essential for early stage organizations.

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    Pricing that scales with your startup

    Bandwidth costs can be substantial, perhaps even making up a majority of your cloud computing costs. And since you’ll often see bandwidth costs phrased as pennies per GB, you might dismiss this cost as negligible.We charge only ~10-20% of what other clouds do for bandwidth. The savings can easily add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for apps that require large scale.

Build and scale your startup with the developer cloud

While your cloud architecture will look different depending on the type of business you’re building, we wanted to showcase the types of E2E Networks products that startups use to power their ideas.

Starting as low as 3.50/hr
CPU Intensive Cloud

Run CPU intensive workloads with confidence across various industry verticals and experience high performance computing in the cloud.

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Starting as low as 7.48/hr
C2 Series with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Run CPU intensive workloads with Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription with confidence across various industry verticals and experience high performance computing..

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Starting as low as 2.80/hr
High Memory Cloud

Running memory intensive applications made reliable & inexpensive. Experience higher throughputs by enhanced storage and improved networking.

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Starting as low as 3/hr
Windows Cloud

Run your workloads on powerful, reliable Windows Server instances; available in cloud server and smart dedicated server variants.

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Starting as low as 7.5/hr
Windows SQL Cloud

Run your Database Workloads with MS SQL pre-installed cloud servers, license included. Experience the powerful, reliable Windows MS SQL Servers with one click.

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Starting as low as 4.50/hr
Plesk Windows Cloud

Run your mission critical .NET application on Windows cloud servers and manage them smoothly through Plesk Innovative control panel

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Starting as low as 30/hr
GPU Smart Dedicated

Accelerate your machine learning and deep learning workloads with Tesla V100 and Nvidia T4 based GPU instances.

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Starting as low as 8.5/hr
Linux Smart Dedicated

Experience bare-metal performance on Cloud with zero noisy neighbor problem, and reliable performance.

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Starting as low as 3.8/hr
cPanel® Linux Cloud

Simplify the server administration and website management tasks with reliable, scalable cPanel® & WHM pre-installed cloud servers, license included.

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The startup journey Whether you are just getting started or scaling your startup, we are here to help support your growing business.

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    Customer-driven Product Development

    We’re here for our founders. As you begin your startup journey, we support you with a community of technical experts and access to other founders who share learnings and advice from their own businesses.

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    Developing Your Startup, From Front to Back

    With industry-leading price-performance, you can get started building your startup without worrying about cost. Between our compute options and 1-Click Apps Marketplace, we have everything you need to build your cloud stack – in minutes.

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    Scaling Your Startups for Growth

    With E2E Networks tools like Managed Databases and Managed Kubernetes, we have you covered as your product needs evolve. Our product stack, global data center presence and our predictable, low pricing mean we can support you as your go into production and scale.

How E2E GPU Cloud is helping Cloud Quest in their gaming journey

Latency is a critical part of Cloud Gaming. E2E GPU Cloud provided ultra-low network latency to Cloud Quest users and enhanced their gaming experience.


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