• Plesk: The Must-Have Server Control Panel

    Plesk is the web server control panel you’ll ever need to build, secure, and run websites and applications in the Cloud. What is a Control Panel? If you manage servers for website deployment, then you’d already know the significance of a simple, yet effective way of monitoring and looking after your infrastructure. Using a web […]

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  • Here’s What Nobody Tells You About Application Deployment On Cloud

    Here's What Nobody Tells You About Application Deployment On Cloud

    As per IDC, the expenditure of cloud-specific services is expected to grow more than six times by 2020 compared to general IT spending as the adoption rate of cloud-computing systems is increasing. An excellent example of big companies utilizing the power of Cloud is Netflix. Their transition and transformation journey from legacy systems to cloud […]

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  • WEBINAR: Fight Fraud With Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics @ Thursday TechTalks

    Webinar: Fight Fraud With Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics

    Fraudulent activities are a serious concern to any tech organization. Moreover, traditional approaches are becoming inefficient as the fraudsters are continually using new techniques. You know what? You can beat fraudsters with Behavioural and Cognitive Biometrics. How can you do it? Thursday TechTalks is your answer. In this upcoming webinar, you’ll get to know various […]

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  • WEBINAR: Uncover The Power of HAProxy Load Balancing @ Thursday TechTalks

    Webinar on HAProxy Load Balancing - Thursday TechTalks

    HAProxy has become the de facto load balancing standard for cloud-enabled web applications. Want to understand how HAProxy works and how to use HAProxy as a load balancer for your web applications? Thursday TechTalks is your answer. In this webinar, you can learn more about HAProxy load balancing and get your questions clarified. Agenda: How […]

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  • Demystifying Smart Dedicated Servers (SDS) @ HDCon, Hyderabad.

    Are you confused about whether to deploy your applications on a Public Cloud or on  Dedicated Servers? Both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages though. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed and, in turn, make the wrong move. You know what? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other: say welcome to […]

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  • Smart Dedicated Servers: The best of both worlds

    Are you looking for a solution that could provide you the power of a dedicated server while offering the flexibility of public cloud services? E2E’s Smart Dedicated servers offer the combination of a bare metal dedicated server with today’s leading cloud virtualization technology. Our Smart Dedicated Servers combines the benefit of dedicated, non-shared, resources with […]

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  • E2E Networks exhibiting at Ad Tech-Mumbai


    An opportunity for marketers to learn, discover & arise in a competitive landscape Ad Tech is one of the marketing and media technology industry prime event, where marketing, technology, and media communities join together to share thoughts and insights on the smartest techno innovations. The event focuses on new ways of thinking & outlines strategies to stay […]

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  • E2E Networks will be at The Fifth Elephant – Bangalore


    The Fifth Elephant event from HasGeek’s stable is centered on Logistics & Mobility. HasGeek is a technology organization aiming to update people-intensive operations with technology & automation. HasGeek’s record speaks for itself, over two-dozen successful conferences with thousands of attendees and community followers. HasGeek presents – The Fifth Elephant 1st edition with the agenda of […]

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  • Announcing cPanel®/ WHM® cloud servers


    When it comes to a tool for web hosting & server management then there is no doubt that cPanel®/WHM® is amongst the top choices. cPanel®/WHM® is a full-featured tool to create, manage and maintain your server resources and website using a GUI on your browser. Do you need cPanel® and its rich features? Now, get […]

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  • Rising USD in 2018 against INR adds a shocker to cloud computing bills

    Public Cloud users in India for a rude shock in 2018 !! USD appreciation against Indian Rupee ( INR) has added a shocker to the cloud computing costs of companies. Most non-India based public cloud operators denominate their base prices for cloud computing services in the USD and display Indian Rupee pricing based on realtime […]

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  • Meet E2E Networks CMD @ Open Source India | 11th Oct 18

    Open Source India

    Open Source India (OSI) is one of the leading conferences targeted at nurturing & promoting the Open Source ecosystem in India. Initially started as Linux Asia in 2004, OSI conference aims to bring the community and Open Source industry closer to boost development and deployment. In the previous years, Open source has played a vital […]

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  • Data localisation – A step towards data privacy

    Fundamentally every aspect of our modern lives is linked with the data in some form or the other. Each day we generate a phenomenal amount of data, approx. 2.5 quintillion bytes. The most interesting ways this is happening is through Social Media Applications, Financial Transactions, Visitor Activity patterns, smartphones, personal details collection, search engines either […]

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  • E2E Networks will be at NAMApolicy – New Delhi 2018


    E2E Networks supporting NAMApolicy Delhi Edition on 26th Sep 2018 Medianama, an eminent source of information & analysis of digital content and services in India is hosting an event ‘NAMApolicy’ on India’s E-commerce Policy. The rising internet penetration is lifting the E-commerce industry. In comparison to the overall retail share in the Indian market, E-commerce […]

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  • Managing the Multi-Cloud – Things to Consider

    What is best for your business Cloud ‘X’ or Cloud ‘Y’ or Multi-Cloud? ‘’There are many unique benefits when we use cloud ‘X’ over ‘Y’, it is really the best possible approach to use Cloud ‘X’ because of the multiple benefits.’’ If you run a business thinking on the same lines, then you are not […]

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  • 7 Best practices to follow while designing a Cloud Architecture

    In the previous 8-10 years, cloud computing has evolved a lot cutting across demand for devices, storage, servers, networks, security, architecture etc. The Internet of Everything, increased cloud storage capacity, cloud services, security challenges & more tells the whole story of how the cloud is shaping the future.  The cloud computing at present is completely […]

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  • Top 9 Reasons why your Start-up/SME should choose Cloud Technology

    Cloud computing provides momentous benefits to businesses of all sizes. During the previous decade the responsibility of purchasing, installing, maintaining & upgrading the computing resources was solely laid with the IT department. With the cloud taking shape, the model has helped Start-ups/SMEs reduce cost & offered significant performance improvement thus making them flourish. “Line-of-business leaders […]

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  • What is an APM & How to Choose the right APM tool?

    Infrastructure and Web Services are vital to most of the business entities out there.    Imagine how much revenue would be lost if these services, especially that depend on computing power, go haywire, or underperform, or what if they can’t deliver to you in critical times?   Here is where Application Performance Management (APM) tools come to help. […]

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  • Cloud Computing in India – From Here to Where?

    India with it’s ever growing population of digital nomads is in the midst of technological revolution. With more than 460 million internet users addicted to their phone and laptop screens; content is getting written and shared faster, better, and in real-time. Factually, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, […]

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  • Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

    WordPress Security is a serious topic among website owners. Did you know that over 90,978 attacks happen every minute irrespective of the WordPress website size. With an increasing number of security vulnerabilities & attacks happening every minute, anyone can become a victim of a security breach – both big & small website owners. It is one of […]

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  • E2E Networks @ Hasgeek Events – Anthill Inside and The Fifth Elephant, 2018

    ⚡️ “E2E @hasgeek Events – Anthill Inside & The Fifth Elephant 2018 – 25, 26 & 27 July 2018, Bangalore, India — E2E Networks (@e2enetworks) July 25, 2018

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  • Meet E2E Networks @ Anthill Inside 2018 | 25 July 2018, Bangalore

    E2E Networks is proud to be associated with HasGeek as an exhibition sponsor for their upcoming conference on deep learning and artificial intelligence — Anthill Inside 2018 on 25th July 2018 at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore. Anthill Inside aims to bridge the gap between concepts and the latest research in machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence, with realities on […]

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  • Not Secure: Chrome will name and shame your site very soon!

    New release of Google Chrome version Chrome 68 is round the corner. Google will start prominently labeling any site loaded in Chrome without HTTPS as “Not Secure”. How does Secure – Not Secure site looks? Here is how secure & not secure websites looks after release of Chrome 68. is not secure is […]

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  • Open Source or Proprietary Applications; What is Best for Your Business?

    What is an Open Source Application? The term ‘Open Source’ is spinning into the most evolving sensation of the entire Information Technology (IT) landscape. When we say open source, it refers directly to the open availability of the source code – a program code which is openly circulated and is accessible by the users, coders, […]

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  • Is Rupee fall affecting your Cloud budgeting and OpEx?

    Come to E2E, we’ll help you get sorted! Being on cloud means flexibility, efficiency, and savings all bundled into one. Perhaps, one of the most important benefit of cloud computing is substantial savings in company’s IT cost. Moreover , it relieves your tech team to concentrate more on developing innovative solutions, instead of doing the […]

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  • Meet E2E Networks @ Startup Saturday, July 2018 edition | Headstart Delhi

    E2E Networks is proud to be associated with Headstart Delhi for their July 2018 edition of #StartupSaturday. Kesava Reddy, VP – Sales at E2E, will be amongst the esteemed list of speakers at one of the most-sought after events for start-ups and entrepreneurs in New Delhi. He will be sharing his experience and insights on “B2B Sales Strategies for […]

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  • How about GPUs in the Cloud?

    In a cloud computing environment, GPUs are used in coherence with the server’s CPU to run and process the applications. A CPU diverts compute intensive portion of an application to GPU. GPU processes a large amount of data parallelly as opposed to the sequential processing of a CPU – to boost the performance in the […]

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  • Gone in 7 seconds! Millennials value efficiency and speed more than service

    Did you know millennials value efficiency and speed more than service? This is especially interesting as the current customer service model is geared more towards service than speed. Companies are going to have to adapt to these changes as millennials have become a large share of the market. When it comes to a webpage, everyone […]

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  • Multicloud is the Way to Go

    You would have heard many luminaries, in the cloud computing industry in India and around the world, say that Multicloud is the future. After doing your research, if you’re still not sure about what to formulate – then this article will help you in making an informed choice. Let’s first understand the benefits of Multicloud […]

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  • Agreeably Disagreeing: How Not To Get Along With Your Co-Founder

    Starting a startup is a one-shot celebration of registering a company, but running a startup is all about disentangling misunderstandings of startup stakeholders. It’s all about conversations that are rewarding and serendipity — Prof. Suresh of NSRCEL at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). As a co-founder, issues can be a fundamental problem of most startups, many […]

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