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Bringing low latency cloud infrastructure to India

Founded in 2009, E2E Networks has been a premier provider of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in India. Based on learnings gained over years of operations, we have recently introduced our SSD Virtual Private Servers. Our managed services offerings built around our “We Do It For You” philosophy are tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to remove all infrastructure related pain points, so that you can concentrate on scaling your business in stead of worrying about infrastructure related issues.

The  Team

  • Tarun Dua

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Tarun owns E2E’s leadership role of defining customer and technology-focused strategy and executing it with crisp and well-defined organization goals. The people who have worked with him in the past used to call him a hacker, leader, Linux guru, Perl expert, database champion, amazing sysadmin, entrepreneur, technology ninja, and the list goes on. But this is […]

  • Mohammed Imran

    Co-founder and COO

    Imran runs E2E’s cloud computing operations and initiatives using his extensive experience in cloud computing, networking, and open-source software. During the initial stages of his career, he worked on Wireless Network protocols (IEEE 802.11) and he continued pursuing his interest in Wireless Network Protocols by researching and submitting his thesis in MS in Information and […]

  • Srishti Baweja

  • Abhijeet Singh

    VP, Strategic Initiatives India & South East Asia
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