About Us

E2E Networks: Bringing You Superior Public Cloud

Who we are?

E2E Networks Ltd is the largest listed Indian Public Cloud infrastructure company. E2E offers a superior public cloud platform with great value to its customers. The company continues to innovate to enable usage for niche workloads of the emerging digital and smaller enterprises in India. The company, established in 2009, currently employs more than 100 people. The company is listed on the NSE Emerge platform.

E2E Networks public cloud is a High-Performance Cloud with amongst the Best Availability, High Reliability and Advanced Technical Stacks. E2E Networks has built its own cloud platform based on open source technologies to avoid any vendor lock-in and is well positioned to deliver to its customers in the major growth areas of the Public Cloud Infrastructure services that are driven by the current trends in digital transformation, IoT and smart devices, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and the movement of SMEs to the public cloud.

Why Choose Us?

E2E offers easy to use cloud platform which enables usage of niche workloads catering to emerging and smaller companies
E2E Cloud Service offers amongst the Best Availability, High Reliability and Advanced Technical Stacks. Our use of integrated and latest hardware with shorter refresh cycles; provides high-quality network backed with redundant failover mechanisms that ensure superior uptime and ultra-low latency
Our infrastructure is built to be amongst the most cost-effective cloud platform with saving of about 40-60% against major platforms. Further fully transparent and INR based billing is a big benefit
Our products are built with the important needs of Developers in mind. Functional APIs with intuitive frameworks delivered via self-service portal is an enabler for Developers

Our Client Say

“Congratulations! Thanks for the fast, reliable and a cost-effective solution for my small startup since Mar 2016!”

- Ratul Nandi, Lead Software Engineer @ Gartner (previously CEB)

E2E GPU machines are superior in terms of performance and at the same time you end up saving more money compared to AWS and Azure. Not to mention the agility and skilled customer support that comes along.

- Arvind Saini, VP of Engineering at Crownit (GoldVIP)