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E2E Networks Limited is amongst India’s fastest growing pureplay SSD Cloud players. E2E Networks IAAS platform is 6th largest in India. E2E Networks SSD cloud platform can be accessed via where you can launch new SSD based high-performance nodes on the fly and access other functionality of the cloud with features like image save, Continuous Data Protection, DNS control panel, basic CPU/RAM/Network utilisation of Virtual Compute nodes and many new features being released every month.

We began in 2009 as a contractless computing player targeting the value-conscious segment of customers, we have been gradually building up our self‐service public cloud platform that can enable rapid deployment for businesses looking to roll out their online server-side web or mobile applications. We provide building blocks that can be used to rapidly architect computing infrastructure with pre‐configured open source based micro‐services such as web servers/load balancers/firewalls/ databases etc on our Public Cloud Platform for our customers. This results in lower project delivery costs by cutting down the delivery timelines. We see a huge opportunity in the self‐service cloud computing market in India by investing in improvements and feature additions to our Public Cloud Platform. We are also working on delivering GPU based compute infrastructure used by the Open Source Deep Learning/Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence platforms via our Public Cloud Platform. Our Multi‐Cloud CloudOps platform can be used to provide devops and managed services on any of the 2000 plus public clouds across the world. Our CloudOps platform uses a blend of automation delivered via technology combined with human intelligence to reduce the workload of the in‐house DevOps team. We intend to capitalize on the devops services opportunity for both E2E’s own public cloud, as well as any other Public Cloud, preferred by our Multi‐Cloud CloudOps platform’s customers.