Get to know us!

Founded in 2009 and EBIDTA positive since inception, E2E Networks Limited is India’s #1 Pure SSD Cloud player. E2E has lived on the leading edge of technical innovation.

E2E was the first company in India to launch contractless computing, way back in 2009. We followed this up by launching our hourly billed pure SSD public cloud and private cloud. Our Cloud Infrastructure has been used by many well-known Indian Startups for their journey from Seed Level to Unicorn Stage and beyond.

Using our vast experience in implementing and managing infrastructure for the web, mobile or enterprise-centric workloads we have built our Multi‐Cloud CloudOps platform to provide DevOps and managed services on any of the 2000+ public clouds across the world. Our CloudOps platform uses a blend of automation delivered via technology combined with human intelligence to reduce the workload of the in‐house DevOps team. Many of India’s best-known start-ups have been using our CloudOps platform to boost measurable performance (up to 15% gains), while at the same time reducing their cloud spend (up to 60% savings).